Guest Blogger: Amy O’Brien on Events Management

Topic: Events Management
Guest Blogger: Amy O’Brien
Position: Private Events Manager, The Square Club


The Square Club, Bristol

After graduating in Classical Studies at the University of Bristol last summer, Amy was offered an internship for a local grants-making organisation as an Events Assistant. She joined Clifton Hotels in 2014 and is now the Private Events Manager at The Square Club in Clifton. She organises a range of events including: fashion shows, comedy nights, art exhibitions and weddings. 

Q) What do you think makes a successful event?

A) Having a good time! I think often people get bogged down with the organisation and detail (which is obviously important!), but if the host is enjoying it, their guests will follow suit.

Q) What are the key factors in event organisation and planning?

A) A checklist is a great tool so that nothing is overlooked, and making sure you have enough help on hand. A strong team is such an important foundation for ensuring an event runs smoothly.

Q) How do you recommend advertising an event?

A) I think social media is a really key means of getting your event out there, but word of mouth shouldn’t be underestimated either. Plus anything that will grab peoples attention by going outside the box!

Q) Do you have a target audience in mind before publicising an event?

A) I work in private events so publicity doesn’t play a major part in my role, only insofar as making sure people are aware of what The Square Club can offer. Considering the target audience before advertising the venue would certainly be an important consideration though!

Q) What are your tips on devising and sticking to a budget?

A) Factor in a buffer – there are bound to be things you haven’t anticipated which crop up, so make sure that from the outset you are prepared should you need to spend extra. Also, be realistic about costings and numbers – how much do you want to cater for? What kind of venue are you looking at? Most importantly, think of ways to get more for your money; you can usually get a cheaper cost for buying in bulk (but equally, don’t be tempted to buy too much by this incentive!).

Q) What do you think is advantageous about pop-ups?

A) They are unique events which always creates a buzz/excitement in the attendee. They also give people and organisations a chance to do something they might not otherwise be able to do.

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